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Sustainable, Accessible, but most of all, Tiny.

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We integrate sustainable attributes and inclusive principles in the home.

The CSU Tiny Home team strives to build and create exceptional tiny homes. Part of making a home exceptional is creating a space that promotes human well-being. In fact, the human experience is at the center of our design process, beginning to end.

Carbon Footprint

A smaller home means more efficient heating & cooling, and more natural night. On average, tiny homes generate about 5,000 lbs less CO2 than traditional homes.

Lower Cost of Living

68% of individuals living in tiny homes own their houses and are mortgage-free. Tiny house monthly housing expenses can be as low as $600.

Easier to Maintain

Because of their sizes, tiny homes are typically easier and less expensive to maintain than traditional homes.

More Freedom

When you aren't focused on filling a large space or paying high home costs, you have more freedom to do what brings you joy.

Why Tiny?

IDEA 450 Builds

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Spring 2023

IDEA - Tiny House on Wheels THOWs - Exterior 02.jpg

Spring 2021

Your donation will support the Richardson Design Center Innovation fund, which can provide construction materials and services to build the tiny house.

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