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The Student Work

Top: Future spring 2023 physical build

Bottom: Past spring 2021 physical build

What the Students are Saying

"The tiny home project has shifted the focus off of ourselves and has shown us that our education and time at CSU can be spent in giving to our community."

Sabrina Oliver, IDEA 450 Student, Spring 2020

"[IDEA 450] explored the use and legalities of alternative housing types across the country and their impact on issues such as housing scarcity. Our scholarly research helped to inform an upcoming update of Fort Collin’s Land Use Code."

Maria L. Steffen, IDEA 450 Student, Spring 2021

"In this course, we learned about approaching user-centered design in a creative light and applying universal design to ensure that our ideas can be used by a wide variety of users."

Leah Young, IDEA 450 TA, Spring 2022

The course is transdisciplinary. To date, a total of 20+ majors have participated in the IDEA 450 design build projects.

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